Deion Sanders brings football camp to LR

Saturday, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders brought his youth football camp to Little Rock's Central High.
Saturday, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders brought his youth football camp to Little Rock's Central High.

The students travel around the country with Sanders learning the game, and a little bit about history, all while staying safe in the heat.

"Our kids learned a lot about history. This isn't all about sports, this is about educating our children, and that's what we do," says Sanders.

Sanders' team is called Truth Dallas Select and his camp is the Infiniti Youth Classic.

"They felt it. They felt how powerful it was and the sacrifice they endured, as well as the parents, not just the kids," says Sanders about the visit to Central High.

As they travel the country, the players get to see cities they might not get to visit without Sander's help. It also means they have to deal with hot temperatures, so Sanders makes sure his crew has plenty of fans and water for the kids.

"We've been in summer camp for six weeks now. I mean, sometimes the heat index is a little severe, we don't even go out. But, we keep the guys hydrated. Mandatory," Sanders says.

Little Rock Central High School Head Football Coach Scooter Register says that means the players need to start hydrating two or three days before they put on their uniforms.

"You got to eat, you got to stay hydrated and if you do those things, you're gonna be okay, but a young man that does not hydrate his body does not keep it hydrated, and that's when he's gonna get in trouble," says Coach Register.

Coach Register starts fall practice soon, and will only have the kids outside in the early morning hours.

"I think the public, and coaches and players are more educated. There probably were heat related incidents back in the old days, we just didn't hear about them. So people are educated. Coaches are educated. Athletic trainers are educated, there's no excuse for that to happen," he says.

Sanders also received the City Recognition Award during his visit to Little Rock.
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