Deputies: man held former boss captive

Hot Spring County deputies say Landon Duddles stole his boss' car, held her captive overnight, and then fled into the woods.
BONNERDALE, AR - In a town like Bonnerdale at the edge of Hot Spring County, imagine feeling unsafe in church. That's how Ray Antell felt after seeing deputies posted all over his neighborhood.

"I told [a deputy] well I think I'm just gonna turn around and go back home," Antell recalled, "because you know you've got a rifle, it sounds a little bit too dangerous for me."

Deputies say Antell can thank Landon Duddles for that. Duddles is accused of stealing his former boss' car and then returning the same day to hold his former boss captive overnight. Investigators say Duddles then spent hours hiding in the woods until search dogs sniffed him out.

"For one person to commit so many different crimes in one weekend, yeah, it's an unusual thing, yes," said Det. Philip Calhoun.

Making things even more unusual for deputies, they say they found Duddles with an untreated gunshot wound to the leg believed to be from one to two weeks ago.

"When I questioned him," said Calhoun, "he didn't have very much to say to me. He wouldn't tell me where he got it, how he got it."

So, much of Duddle's story remains a mystery. As for Antell, he hopes he only misses the one week of church.

"I just felt like I didn't want to take a chance on somebody running out of the woods and carjacking me, you know?"
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