Doctors Say Parasitic Meningitis Victim Doing Well

Doctors Say Parasitic Meningitis Victim Doing Well

Doctors used drug from Europe to treat Kali Hardig.
LITTLE ROCK, AR-- One of the doctors treating a parasitic meningitis victim talks to Fox16.

Kali Hardig has been at Arkansas Children's Hospital since July 19, after getting the brain-eating illness while swimming.

"It's going to take a lot before Kali can get back to where she was, but she's young and healthy and she'll get there," said Dr. Mark Heulitt, who is one of Kali's doctors.

Heulitt says he and his team have used a variety of treatment methods, including a drug brought over from Europe called miltefosine.

"The drug was administered around the brain and into her system and she has had an excellent response to all of our treatment," said Heulitt.

The drug has been used to treat cancer and in Europe, it has also been used to treat infections with parasites.

So doctors decided to use it in this case.
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