Documents show Traskwood victim suffered "long & slow death"

Documents show Traskwood victim suffered "long & slow death"

Authorities have made another arrest in the investigation of the murder of Randall Anderson, whose body was found buried, along with another man's body, behind a Traskwood home.
TRASKWOOD, AR - Jay Beeson, 53, did not say anything in his first court appearance via video from the Saline County jail on Wednesday.

A probable cause affidavit released Wednesday afternoon explains why Beeson faces a capital murder charge.

His suspected co-conspirator 50-year old Marissa Wright told detectives she called Beeson to her Traskwood home in February 2008 to retrieve Randall Anderson who had fled into a field behind her home.

"I think he tried to leave the area and wasn't allowed to," Saline County sheriff Bruce Pennington says.

Court documents say Beeson showed up at Marissa Wright's home with a pistol and captured Anderson at gun point.

Once inside the home, Wright says Beeson hogtied Anderson, wrapped him in plastic and attempted to coerce a confession out of him over missing jewelry.

Sheriff Bruce Pennington today says the true motive is sketchy.

"From what I've been able to obtain, that he was just obnoxious and she didn't like him," Pennington says.

When Anderson refused to cooperate, Wright says she and Beeson left him wrapped in plastic.

Court documents go on to say "it's believed Anderson suffered a long, slow death due to suffocation, having been wrapped from head to toe in plastic with a bag over his head."

Anderson was ultimately buried in the backyard.

This is not Beeson’s first brush with the criminal justice system.

He was on federal parole at the time of his arrest, and was convicted of 2nd degree murder in 1991 out of Malvern.

Marissa Wright also is facing charges
in the death of Anderson.

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