Dog climbs ladders to reach new heights

Dog climbs ladders to reach new heights

We've all heard the expression that you can't teach an old dog new tricks but one Arkansas dog decided to turn the tables and teach her new family a life lesson.

Angel the chocolate brown lab is no ordinary dog. She can sit, stay and climb ladders.

"She wants to be with me wherever I am so she started making a little circle at the bottom and looking and whining - and then she started going up," said owner Ashlyn Ohm. "Just carefully placing each little paw."

The three-year-old dog is a stray who just kept showing up in Ohm's yard day after day.

"We live so far out, Ashlyn doesn't have friends, really," said Ashlyn's mother, Derri. "There aren't kids out here for her to bond with or play with."

When we asked Ashlyn why she named her dog Angel, she said, "because she's my angel from heaven. She was sent for me."

Now, the latest addition to the Ohm family is one of five competitors in the Greenies Awards online best trick competition. The winner gets Greenies treats for life.

"She is just such a wonderful dog, I want her to have something special," said Ashlyn.

But it's not the trick that makes this dog special. In fact, to Angel, climbing a ladder isn't even a trick. It's just the means to an end.

"You can't pry them apart. They love each other," said Derri. "I know it was meant to be."

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