Dog pepper-sprayed

Dog pepper-sprayed

A Little Rock homeowner says his dog was pepper sprayed by CenterPoint Energy technicians. But company officials say the workers were just trying to protect themselves.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Kevin Dwyer had just gotten out of the shower when he saw a CenterPoint Energy truck leaving his house. He asked the technicians if everything was okay. He was told things were fine and the dogs did not bother them.

But when Dwyer got home from school nearly two hours later, he saw an orange streak on his dog’s face. Dwyer then realized his dog had been pepper sprayed.

Kevin Dwyer is upset that no one called, emailed, or sent a letter concerning CenterPoint’s visit to his home. However, CenterPoint Area Manager, Keith Cragg, says the technicians knocked on the door but no one answered.

Cragg also admits the technicians were forced to spray the pit bull mix with Halt Dog Repellant after the dog became aggressive. There were a total of five dogs in the backyard and only two Center Point employees.

Cragg say it’s important to understand the technicians don’t use the repellant to gain entry into a home. The non-toxic irritant is only used when the workers feel threatened.

Cragg says avoid potential problems, customers should look at their last bill to determine which time of the month their gas meters will be checked. By doing so, Cragg says homeowners will be able to lock up or put away their dogs before the technicians arrive.

Sonny is doing okay and the workers were not hurt. Right now, CenterPoint is investigating the claim that employees didn’t tell the Dwyers about spraying Sonny.

The company has apologized and is working to make thing right. On the day of the incident, CenterPoint was actually installing new equipment that would allow them to check the meter without going into the Dwyer’s backyard.

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