Dogs remain in neighborhood following two attacks

Dogs remain in neighborhood following two attacks

Deputies say a woman is brutally attacked by pit bulls and since Saline County has no animal control the dogs are still living with their owner in the neighborhood.

SARDIS, AR - As Ron Talley sifts though his wife's blood-stained clothes, he remembers the scariest moment of his life.

"It was literally skinning her alive and eating her alive," he said. "She's like Little Red Riding Hood getting eaten by the Big Bad Wolf."

As Talley's wife, Dana, walked down her Saline County road, Sheriff's deputies say at least four neighboring pit bulls attacked her.

"Ripped her tendons and everything - tore the skin on her head all the way through her skull," said Talley.

We went by the owner's house to talk to them but found two dogs in the front yard unchained and roaming free. Deputies ordered the owners to quarantine the dogs at home weeks ago following an earlier attack.

"There's a chance they can get out," said Lt. Scotty Courtney with the Saline County Sheriff's Department. "Unfortunately, that's part of it."

And they did. But despite this second attack, the same rules apply. Another misdemeanor charge for violating the vicious dog ordinance and an order to lock the dogs back up.

"This is not the first time these dogs have done it," said Talley. "These dogs have done it to another person and they're still out there. What does it take to get some justice?"

"Animals are not humans. They think differently - they're not humans. Whereas humans are held to a higher standard I would think," said Lt. Courtney.

The vicious dog ordinance in Saline County states if you can't afford to quarantine your dog at a veterinarian's after an attack, you can house and quarantine the animal yourself. Since Saline County doesn't have an animal control operation, there's no where else to put them while waiting for a court date.

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