Downtown Neighborhood Association Asks Why Police Released Burglary Suspect

Downtown Neighborhood Association Asks Why Police Released Burglary Suspect

Little Rock Police are on the look out for a man accused of breaking in to a downtown area business. The night of the crime police had the suspect in custody but let him go until a detective could look into the case.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - With an agenda full of crime updates, problem properties and concerns of area residents, the Downtown Little Rock Neighborhood Association had one crime topping the list as a concern after police found a man suspected of heaving a brick through a window and stealing from a business. That night they let him go only to issue a warrant for his arrest two days later.

Glass still litters the ground in front of Inretrospec, a downtown Little Rock  thrift store.

According to police a burglar broke a side window with a brick to get in late Monday (7/15).

That night police picked up a suspect matching the description of a man caught on the business surveillance video. They put him back on the streets however, until a detective could take over the case.

"All of us feel betrayed that the police let this guy go," said Kathy Wells.

Wells serves as Secretary of the Downtown Little Rock Neighborhood Association and calls the action counterproductive.

"Catch and release is what we do with trout," she quipped. "It's not what we do with a burglar suspect sitting in a patrol car."

Sgt. Cassandra Davis, spokesperson for the Little Rock Police Department explained there's a process to police work.

"A lot of times people want an arrest to be made immediately," Sgt. Davis responded. "We can't always do that. There has to be an investigation and from that investigation they did issue a warrant for Mr. Steen."

The man police are looking for is Marcus Steen, 43, with a last known address in the 200 block of East 22nd Street in Little Rock.

At Wednesday's (7/17) meeting the Neighborhood Association had the attention of Mayor Stodola and the police force as they claim crime has continued uncomfortably in their area through the summer.

Wells added, "We keep insisting on attention until we get resolved."
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