E. Coli Found in Cleburne County Beach

E. Coli Found in Cleburne County Beach

No swimming allowed at Sandy Beach until tests come back clear.
HEBER SPRINGS, AR - High levels of E. coli have been found at a beach in Heber Springs, and it's keeping swimmers out of the water.

Cleburne County health officials say the levels recorded last week at Sandy Beach were 15-times the acceptable level.

Recent rain and geese droppings get the blame for the bacteria.

The area won't be reopened for swimming until tests come back twice with all-clear sample readings.

"We didn't want to take any chances of anyone getting sick from this," says David Odum, manager of the Cleburne County Health Unit..

It's not the first time health officials have closed the beach because of E. coli., which is a naturally-occurring bacteria.

State health officials say the following other locations are closed across Arkansas due to health-related concerns:
  • Crowley's Ridge in St. Francis County
  • Camp Joshua in Benton County
  • Gunner Pool at Blanchard Springs
  • Barkshed at Blanchard Springs
  • Lower Pool at Blanchard Springs
  • Spring Lake in Yell County

It's hoped that some of these may be cleared before Friday.

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