El Chico employees try to move on after loss of coworker

El Chico employees try to move on after loss of coworker

El Chico is set to reopen on April 18, after the murder of an employee Sunday night.
Kiywuan Perrry
Kiywuan Perrry
LITTLE ROCK, AR - "The suddenness of loss is just sometimes harder then you can get over," El Chico Regional Manager Jim Brock said.

Police say four employees plotted a robbery at El Chico and ended up shooting and killing their coworker, Jesus Herrera, on April 15.

According to police reports and witness statements in an arrest affidavit filed by police, brothers Zeckeya Perry, 23, and Kiywuan Perry, 19, of North Little Rock came up with the plan that included killing Herrera because "he treated people bad."

The affidavit says Zeckeya fired the gunshots, and that both Quantez Dobbins, 19, and Kenya Smith, 19, of Little Rock knew about the robbery plan ahead of time and were given money afterwards.

"We're all kind of tore up and working through the grief," Brock said. "Trying to support his family, and be there for them right now."

Herrera's family released a statement, saying in part that Herrera "will be deeply missed by his many friends, coworkers, and family that he was very close to. We trust that justice will be swiftly served and appreciate any prayers."

El Chico is scheduled to reopen April 18. The staff is down several employees, most notably Herrera.

"People are gonna be struggling to have that smile and to be real outgoing because they've lost a coworker, and as they do the job they do everyday that they did with Jesus, he won't be there and it's gonna be on their minds," Brock said.

According to reports, the Perry brothers, along with Dobbins and Kenya Smith appeared by video in Little Rock District Court Tuesday where they plead not guilty to the April 15 murder of El Chico employee Jesus Herrera.

All four suspects were denied bond. The next court date has been set for June 18, 2012.

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