Family of Suspect and Victim in Father's Day Deadly Shooting Seeking Answers

Family of Suspect and Victim in Father's Day Deadly Shooting Seeking Answers

Conway police make two arrests in a deadly Father's Day shooting, and

CONWAY, AR- The family of a young man shot and killed on Father’s Day has more questions than answers.  Conway Police arrested 27-year-old Lee Foster and charged him with capital murder, battery 1, possession of firearms and aggravated assault.  He’s being held on no bond.  18-year-old Sierra Cook, who family said is Foster’s girlfriend, is behind bars on a $250,000 bond for hindering in the case.  Alexander’s aunt, Kizzie McCoy said Foster and Alexander are second cousins and is heartbroken over this family tragedy.

“I miss him so much.  I mean this is not going to be the same. I mean my life will never ever be the same without him and I just don't know what to do,” cried Kizzie McCoy.

McCoy said she learned the news after leaving the funeral home Friday.

“I can't think clear, I can't function, I cry, wondering what they were fighting about," said McCoy.

At a news conference Friday afternoon, Conway Police Chief A.J. Gary said Alexander and Foster had an ongoing dispute.  The department doesn’t know what the dispute was over and McCoy said she has no idea what it was about either.  McCoy mentioned Alexander was on the phone with his mother before the deadly shooting occurred, and he told her Foster was going to see him and even made threats.

“She just told him if he come down there, call the police, don’t get into any trouble, just call the police.  And he said I’m okay mom, I’ll be fine.  Before he could hang up the phone, that’s when she heard shots ring over the phone.  She heard her son get killed,” said McCoy.

When McCoy found out her cousin was arrested, she said she kind of knew, but didn’t want to believe it, “I mean what went wrong so bad that you do somebody like that? Somebody you grew up with, somebody you played with?”

While McCoy admits both her nephew and cousin butted heads at times, they weren’t always like that.

“Before, they see each other, they laugh, talk used to hang out together, so that’s why we were just like wow really?” said McCoy.

McCoy hasn't seen her cousin Foster, but plans to be at his arraignment next month searching for answers, “Why? What happened? What made you go to that length?”   

Alexander’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday morning.

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