Family seeking answers after 19yo shot to death

A Benton mother is begging for answers after someone shot and killed her son, Gregory Pikes, 19, this weekend.
A Benton mother is begging for answers after someone shot and killed her son, Gregory Pikes, 19, this weekend.

Saline County sheriff's deputies aren't saying much about the investigation, but Pikes' mother is opening up and demanding answers.

Tinka Robins wants people to remember her son as a loving person and father to his six-month-old daughter.

"This is my baby whose smile I can't see anymore," said Robins as she showed FOX16 her son's picture. "The lovable-est person. He come up to you and hug you all the time. Well, me, he stayed hugging on me and kissing on me. I was his momma. That's how I identified his body. A heart, a red heart on his arm with my name in it."

Robins tells FOX16 that she thinks several people brought her son to a hunting lease off of River Road in Haskell sometime Saturday and shot him as he tried getting away.

"I know it was three or four of y'all because you had to hold him in the car to take him to that secluded place and murder him like that and you should be ashamed of yourself. You let him take off running and you shot him in the back. Why just not beat him up?" asks Robins.

She visited that wooded area with her family Monday after our interview and tells us her son spent the past few weeks afraid to leave home.

"Some boys, I don't want to say their names, jumped on him a couple of weeks ago and threw him in a ditch, and then after they did that, I got him home and he hadn't been out of the house since. And, he finally left the house Saturday to go to a party, and I didn't know nothing about it, but I wish I would have known because he wouldn't have left," says Robins.

Saline County deputies confirm Pikes' death saying two men discovered his body early Sunday morning and called 911. Monday night, investigators were busy interviewing people who knew Pikes.

"I just need one thing, for them to tell me I can see my baby tomorrow when they get his body. That's all I want. I just want to be able to see my baby, and I want to hug my baby," says the mother.

Saline County deputies say Pikes did not have a record as an adult with their department.
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