Fans Rack Up on Razorback Gear

Fans Rack Up on Razorback Gear

Fans make sure they have the latest Razorback fashion to mark the new season.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Many fans will be going to Fayetteville to watch the Hogs' season opener Saturday, while others will be watching them at home or bars. Either way, they'll be rooting for the home team, clad in Razorback gear.

Store clerks at Hogman's Game Day Superstore in Little Rock say they've been swamped with customers coming in to buy new gear for the 2013-2014 season.

Customers say they're just excited for a fresh season under a new coach.

"That's the greatest thing about working in this industry, is the excitement that comes with it. I love it. People are just so excited," said Jessica Jenkins, manager at Hogman's.

Hogman's just opened another location in Conway, and managers say Razorbacks gear is in high demand there, too.

The other stores are in Little Rock, North Little Rock and Hot Springs.
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