Folks Come To Meet and Greet Mr. Scooter Wiggles

Folks Come To Meet and Greet Mr. Scooter Wiggles

Handicapped dog gets attention from around the country.
SHERWOOD, AR -- The story of a handicapped dog dumped at the Sherwood Animal Shelter is touching the hearts of people everywhere.

So far, volunteers raised more than $5000 for a surgery that could help Mr. Scooter Wiggles walk again.

Today there was a special meet and greet with the popular pooch attended by around 150 people.

The dog has a spinal cord issue which prevents him from moving his back legs.

At the shelter today, people came to meet the affectionate pup and give donations to his surgery fund.

One of the special guests at the event was a dog named Spike.

Spike's mom donated a wheelchair that Mr. Scooter Wiggles will use until his custom-made wheels come in.

Courtney Speyer said, "I have the love for the weenie dog already but there's something about a dog in general, they can't really do for themselves, but when you have a dog that really needs special attention, I just have a soft spot in my heart because I have one of my own."

Shelter volunteers say Mr. Scooter Wiggles helped them adopt out four other dogs from the Sherwood Animal Shelter today just by attracting so many people there.

Mr. Scooter Wiggles is scheduled for surgery on Monday.

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