Future in Question for Arkansas Treasurer, Roby Brock Discusses

Martha Shoffner has, so far, declined to step down from her State position, Roby Brock from Talk Business discusses the immediate future with Donna Terrell.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- State Treasurer Martha Shoffner is out of jail tonight, but not out of office.

Shoffner is charged with accepting bries in exchange for steering state business to an investment firm.

She is charged with accepting $36,000.00 in payments.

She appeared before a legislative committee last fall to discuss the State's business with St. Bernard Financial out of Russellville.

Now Federal investigators are saying some of that testimony appears to have been false.

There is a clause in the Arkansas Constitution that could allow for the Treasurer's removal by the Arkansas Legislature and the Governor.

It is unclear at this point what will happen. Roby Brock from Talk Business talks to Donna Terrell about what could happen  in the next 24 to 48 hours to the state official.

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