Future of Broadway Bridge in your hands

Future of Broadway Bridge in your hands

The Broadway Bridge project is moving forward, and now is the time to give your input before a final design is chosen.

When it comes to the new Broadway Bridge project, everyone wants something different.

"I sure would like to see a little more emphasis on aesthetic," said one driver.

"Keep the bridge in its existing location," added another at Thursday's Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department's open forum on the bridge..

Now its just a matter of deciding what else drivers want to see.

The biggest question the highway department needs answered is do they keep the broadway bridge where it is now or do they move it over to the side to keep traffic flow going during construction?

"If we demolish the old bridge first, thats 24,000 vehicles a day that are going to have to find a new route across the river," said Randy Ort with the AHTD.

People we spoke to at the open forum say catering to drivers during construction isn't the most important factor here and they don't want to see a bridge that forces drivers to swerve in order to take it.

"It's just kind of weird," said one driver. "You turn, and you're not sure where you're going."

Most agree leaving the 90-year-old structure as-is is also not an option.

"It is deteriorating more rapidly than we would like to see a bridge deteriorate and that's why we are concerned about it," said Ort.

Federal funds have to be allocated by September 2013 in order to hang on to them, but the highway department is confident they'll have a solid design choice well before the deadline.

To see the designs visit www.arkansashighways.com. to submit your input, mail a written comment to:


P.O. BOX 2261

LITTLE ROCK, AR 72203-9893

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