Gift shops hope Wx doesn't impact sales

Valentine sales are brisk this weekend as florists and gift shops prepare for one of their busiest days of the year.
Florist prepares for Valentine's Day
Florist prepares for Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day gifts
Valentine's Day gifts
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Local merchants, like Tipton Hurst, hope to see at least a 10-percent increase in sales this year and they hope snow possibilities don't affect their predictions.

"We have had no winter weather and now it is hitting us. So what we are doing is preparing because we are not sure if we would be able to make deliveries on Monday, may not be able to make any on Tuesday," said president Howard Hurst.

Worker's at June's Hallmark have the same concern.

"Weather is of course a very big factor if people can't get out to get their gifts for their loved ones," said manager Terra Kennedy.

Regardless of the weather, shopper Chase Robinson knows his wife doesn't take excuses.

"She likes most of the stuff that I can not afford," said Robinson laughing.

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