Girl displaced by fire celebrates birthday in shelter

Girl displaced by fire celebrates birthday in shelter

A five-year-old celebrates her birthday in a shelter after a fire at the Plaza Towers Apartments.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - It doesn't matter what she's doing, who she's with or where she is because, Thursday, Mya George turned five years old. This year, Mya is spending her birthday in a shelter.

"It's different when you as a person go through something but us as parents, it's up to us to protect the children," said her father, Tariq Ferguson.

Monday night's fire at the Plaza Towers Apartments displaced 200 people including Mya, her parents and her three other siblings.

"That was a scary thing that I wish no one ever goes through," said Mya's mother, Quita George. "Especially with children. That was too scary."

"We're working through it and God willing we will have somewhere to stay soon," said Ferguson.

But this happy, laughing family says right now is not the time to dwell on the losses or even worry about tomorrow. Tonight, they're Partying.

Despite living in tight quarters with about 25 other people, Mya's parents say they're lucky, adding after living through this fire they could very easily be mourning a death instead of celebrating a life.

"You could always be doing worse," said Ferguson. "I'm just happy that we got out with the kids and everything. It's scary.""

"We feel blessed to be alive," said George.

Investigators hope to release the cause of the fire on Monday.
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