Gould City Council repeals unconstitutional ordinances

Gould City Council repeals unconstitutional ordinances

Three city ordinances are repealed at Tuesday's city council meeting after the Arkansas Municipal League advised the Gould city council they violate state and federal law. Eight other ordinances, however, are still up for discussion.
GOULD, AR - Three ordinances are repealed at Tuesday night's Gould city council meeting.  One included banning anyone within the city to discuss city business without council approval.

Municipal League Council Mark Hayes says the way the ordinances were written, they violate both state law and the U.S. Constitution.

Mayor Earnest Nash says the three hour meeting could have gone on all night because there are eight other questionable ordinances the Municipal League still encourages the council to discuss, including drafting a law to distinguish exactly how city-owned vehicles should be used.

The council voted unanimously to repeal the ordinances, but members say the ultimate goal is still not accomplished.  Members say the ordinances were meant to save the city money, but were worded incorrectly.  The city is more than $1 million dollars in debt, and currently can't even afford a city attorney.

Mayor Nash plans to hold a town hall meeting Monday, August 16th for citizen reaction to the meeting, suggestions on how to amend the eight other ordinances in question and to straighten out any other questions left open during the council meeting.

Hayes continues to stress the importance of a city attorney for Gould so the council doesn't find itself in another situation like this, adding he's happy to help, but he can't be around to moderate all the time.
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