Gun pulled on students near UALR campus

Gun pulled on students near UALR campus

Little Rock police are looking for a motorcyclist who fired shots at UALR students near campus.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Little Rock police are looking for a motorcyclist who pulled a gun on three UALR students Tuesday afternoon near campus.

Police will only say the suspect was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt. The suspect stopped the students somewhere near campus. The students ran away, and one tripped while doing so. The motorcyclist then fired a couple of shots, but did not hit anyone. The students alerted campus police, who then turned the investigation over to the Little Rock Police Department.

UALR students getting ready for finals say they're scared. Whitney Etheridge says after Patricia Guardado was murdered in October, her father gave her a hammer and a screwdriver to carry in her bag. She says she's scared on campus, especially since she's a woman. She also says she has nothing worth stealing, because she knows her purse can be replaced. And, she's ready to use her tools if someone attacks her.

Another student says the crime is to be expected. He says he got a text alert from UALR Friday night explaining how two students had just been robbed on campus. He pays for more expensive parking so he does not have to park off-campus like Guardado. She disappeared from a parking lot across the street from campus.

The LRPD is still working on a police report. It should contain more information about the suspect. Right now, police have not said whether it was a man or a woman who pulled the gun on the students.

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