Gunmen Rob Woman of Life Savings and Tires

Gunmen Rob Woman of Life Savings and Tires

Police say three armed men storm into a Little Rock home and rob a woman of her life savings and steal tires.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- Three men are on the run tonight, after Little Rock police said they stormed inside a house and held four people at gunpoint. They robbed one of the women of her life savings Tuesday around noon, taking about $3,000 dollars. The woman was too shaken up to talk about the ordeal, but her boyfriend who was there when it happened said it all started when a man knocked on their front door and asked for some water after his car broke down.

"One guy walked up and said his car was broken down and needed some water, so she goes in and gets him a pitcher of water. When she sees the guys come out of the truck with the guns, she slams the doors and locks it," explained Sandy Sanders, victim.

Sandy Sanders now has to use the back door to get inside the house after the intruders knocked the front door down and forced their way in and started yelling, "To get on the floor to give us all our money, cell phones," said Sanders.

Sanders feared the worst when he came face to face with the gunmen in the living room. They had guns drawn, pointed at him, his girlfriend and two friends.

"I was kinda scared a little bit. I didn't know if I was gonna get shot or if they were gonna kill all of us in the house. But it kinda spooked me a little bit," said Sanders.

They did what the gunmen asked. Sanders said his girlfriend handed them her life savings worth $3,000 dollars. Even after following orders, Sanders said the intruders opened fire several times. Bullet holes were found on the ceiling and walls of the residence. The commotion and theft didn't stop there.

"We had a stack of 4 tires, 18 inch, and they took that whole stack. They didn't even take the tires with the rims on them!" said Sanders.

Now the couple, who once thought their neighborhood was safe is packing up, hoping to leave this bad memory behind. In the meantime, Sanders is preparing and being cautious.

"I'm a little distraught about it and nervous. Anybody who knocks on my door I just hope they don't have any bullets because I'm ready this time," said Sanders.

Police are still searching for the three suspects. They were seen leaving Boyd Street in Little Rock in a 2008 White Toyota Tundra.

one of the men is described as a white man, five feet tall, 135 pounds, had reddish and medium-length hair, slim build and clean-shaven. Another robber described as a black man, about 5 foot 8, 170 pounds, wearing a bandanna on his head. No description of the third man was available.

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