Gurdon Woman Found Dead in North Carolina Laid to Rest

Gurdon Woman Found Dead in North Carolina Laid to Rest

Friends and family gathered for the funeral of Cassie Carter.
Gurdon, AR - The Gurdon girl found dead in North Carolina after her mother reported her missing was laid to rest Monday.

Friends and family of Cassie Carter gathered in Gurdon at the Decipher Cemetery.

The funeral program says she died March 21 in North Carolina.

Details on Cassie's death remain unknown with the Clark County Sheriff's Office not releasing any information.

We know according to the Gurdon Marshal's Office that her mother reported her missing March 13, possibly last seen with Kevin Bolton, who was arrested in North Carolina according to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

Family and friends say Cassie Carter is in a better place now.

"She didn't get there nicely but she's there and the family will take comfort in that," said long-time, close family friend, Kelly Tramel. "If it wasn't for God I don't know how anybody could get through something like that ... Losing a child. I just don't know."

The family says they've received help from many organizations donating funds to help through this process.
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