Heber Springs Police Investigate Counterfeit Cash Cases

Heber Springs Police Investigate Counterfeit Cash Cases

Heber Springs businesses stick together to prevent fake money from creeping in.
Police say fake money is popping up around one Central Arkansas community, now store managers in Heber Springs are sharing tips and looking out for one another as the counterfeiters crime spree continues.

Investigators say counterfeiters are bleaching $5 bills, disguising them as $100 bills and sneaking them past store clerks across town.

The bleaching method even passes the most common test, the popular marker, which made it easy for a fake bill to pass through an EZ Mart.

"It was a $100 bill, very clever," says manager Brandon Durrance.

Durrance says he didn't know until his store had been hit until he got to the bank.

"I got told I had a counterfeit and I was out of luck," he says.

Durrance took loss but spent the next six months teaching his staff how to identify and reject bogus bills.

"We had a guy come in 6 months ago," a clerk explains. "When he came through the door he was like 'hey, hey go ahead and mark this with a pen it's a good hundred.' I was like let me see that. I do my normal, I was like no buddy it's a bad bill."

The lessons are paying off just in time as police say counterfeit bills have resurfaced again in the close-knit community.

Restaurants, banks and Valero gas station received fake $20 bills within the past few weeks.

"Easy places to counterfeit are places like this you, have people just trying to do your jobs," says Durrance.

This time, stores are giving one another the heads up, trying to stop counterfeiters from cashing in again.

"If people are doing their job, these people can't get away with what they're trying to get away with and actually costing all of us," says Durrance.

Heber Springs Police are investigating.

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