High Crime Creates Nuisance at Apt. Complexes

High Crime Creates Nuisance at Apt. Complexes

The City of Little Rock is targeting apartments burdening police officers with too many calls.
LITTLE ROCK- The City of Little Rock is targeting apartments burdening police officers with too many calls.

In the Mayor's State of the City Address, he vows to take action against crime at a few problem complexes causing concern.

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola is addressing the problem of a select few apartment complexes in LIttle Rock he says have an extremely high volume of calls for police. "What I would characterize as inordinate and excessive demands on our police patrol units."

Mayor Stodola promises legislation for the Little Rock City Board to attempt to remedy what he calls an obvious problem with high crime at certain complexes. "Our research reveals we have more than 123 apartment complexes with more than 50 units in Little Rock. Some complexes with as many as 384 units only requested police assistance at those locations 15 times in a year."

One of the problem complexes Little Rock Police have an 11 page report on. The St. John's Apartment complex on W. 65th Street had more than 500 calls for crime in the last year. Little Rock Police Sgt. Cassandra Davis says that's a nuisance. "When there's a certain number of felony offenses that occur." Sgt. Davis says officers must and will respond to any and all calls, but the desire to reduce crime at nuisance apartment complexes can only make the neighborhoods safer. "Having those repeated calls to those addresses, those officers are familiar with the people inside these apartment complexes."

Mayor Stodola expresses a desire to work with property managers to create a safe and crime free environment.

The property management at St. John's Apartments would not comment about the crime calls, however the security guard at the complex says in the last 4 months there has been a reduction in crime at the complex.
A store owner across the street also says he's seeing fewer problems in the neighborhood now that the complex is under new management.

The legislation Mayor Stodola is proposing would help reduce crime at nuisance complexes with an ordinance he says would be costly for apartment managers not in compliance.
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