Homeless attack

Homeless attack

Four homeless men say they were attacked Sunday by two men and a woman looking to rob them.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Living on the streets is hard enough. Nicholas Morgan is homeless and says he never knows where his next meal is coming from. He sleeps outside in the freezing cold weather and is never able to get out from the rain.

Morgan says he a three other homeless men were attacked Sunday by two men and a woman looking to rob them of the little money they do have.

Little Rock police checked the area after the attack Sunday but didn't find the suspects the men described.

Morgan says while they slept in front of a boarded up store on Colonel Glenn Road, two men and a woman approached them with lead pipes in their hands, threatening to bash their heads in if they didn't give up the spare change they'd been able to scrounge up.

One of the homeless men reached for a stick under his clothes and scared the suspects off. The men called police from a nearby gas station, but by the time officers arrived, the would-be robbers were gone.

Morgan says this isn't the first time he and the other homeless men have been attacked, and it won't be the last. "If I die, I want my story to be told."

He says homeless people are constantly victims of violence on the streets. "I am not living in fear, I'm just living. I'm trying to survive."

Morgan admits he and his buddies have drug and alcohol problems, and haven't been able to help themselves, but he says no matter who you are, or what you've done, no one deserves to be attacked. That's why he says he'll keep fighting. "We want a peace of mind. That's all."

Little Rock Police do not have a very good description of the suspects involved in the attack. Morgan says it's just a matter of time before he and the other men are attacked again. Morgan says he'd rather be in jail than living on the streets, because he says it's safer there.
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