Homeowners catch burglars in the act as break-ins rise

Five people in one week are arrested and charged with attempted burglary, and Bryant Police believe there are more burglars out there.

BRYANT, AR - "I get worried. I'm kind of paranoid," said Chris Souaysene as he checks his door one more time to make sure it's locked.

Police say three people tried to break into Souaysene's apartment, Monday, in broad daylight.

"They didn't think anybody was around."

Lucky for him, his apartment has a security lock he quickly bolted.

"They took off so fast when I looked through the peephole they were gone."

Police arrested Kenya Goynes, David Patterson and LeRondea Smith and linked stolen goods found in their car to another burglary in the complex.

"If you go in one and there's nothing there, then you just go to the next door and try it again," said Sgt. Todd Crowson with Bryant Police.

Sgt. Crowson says this is common around the holidays.

"People know they've got extra packages, extra gifts, Christmas gifts - more expensive things inside the house."

Just last week, the owner of this house found two men loading stolen items out of her garage. Police chased Charles Wilkerson over to Middleton Storage. That's when Wilkerson pulled out a gun.

"The man pulled out a small caliber handgun, a .22 caliber handgun. He put it to his head and into his mouth several times - threatening to take his life," said Sgt. Crowson.

They arrested him and Jeff Bennett after the homeowner chased him down but police say although it worked out in her favor this time, that's the worst thing you can do.

"Don't try to jump in there and stop them," said Sgt. Crowson. "There's nothing you have that valuable - more than your life."

All five of these suspects are charged with attempted burglary among many other crimes. All five are being held in the Saline County jail without bond.

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