Hot Springs Police Launch Internal Investigation Facing Claims of Excessive Force

Hot Springs Police Launch Internal Investigation Facing Claims of Excessive Force

A Hot Springs mom says a handful of police officers used excessive force on her son.
HOT SPRINGS, AR - The Hot Springs Police Department confirmed before they placed the case under internal investigation at least 3 officers used tasers and K9's on a man who resisted arrest.

The man's mother can't imagine why this would be needed when her 5'4'', 160 lb. son was 3 blocks from home.

"He had dog bites all on the inside of his leg," the mother explained. "He had a huge not on his head."

The mother who wanted to remain anonymous showed pictures of her son, Ron Whisenant.

"He had like a boot mark right over here," she pointed to the left side of her face. "His pants are covered in blood."

Whisenant spent five days hooked to machines in intensive care.

"When I seen him I was in shock," she said. "Cause he had a breathing tube and everything."

She say's it's as a result from a beating by officers in the Hot Springs Police Department.

"He's never had any kind of problems with the law, never."

A citation though from May 13 at four in the morning says Whisenant resisted arrest.

Head of security for Longshots Saloon, Tai Lunsford says Whisenant had been there most of the night.

"Definitely out of the norm," he said. "He's been coming here for about ten years. To be honest with you I don't think we've ever had a problem with him before at all."

After a rare incident that Saturday night however, Lunsford had to escort Whisenant from the bar. He says he basically wrapped him up with one arm and carried him out.

"As I let off the pressure of him he bucked forward and he fell forward."

Whisenant's face hit the ground giving him a cut above his right eye. Lunsford checked him out but sent him on his way. Lunsford headed back to the bar.

He said, "Then we started noticing all the sirens."

Lunsford walked around the corner to find Whisenant on the ground surrounded by police. He saw the K9 officers and heard the reports of tasers.

"With six officers, dogs and tasers involved I would not have seen any reason whatsoever that it would have required quite that much," Lunsford said.

With a severely injured son, Whisenant's mom is left to wonder why.

"And all these officers couldn't put him down? I can't believe it," she remarked. "It's been rough. Really has."

Whisenant is back home now but his mom says he doesn't remember much besides trying to fight off the dogs. He's still very dizzy and if he does get up to walk he has to use a walker.
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