I-40 Businesses Burglarized

Thieves hit I-40 Transmission and Aloha Pools and Spas.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- I-40 Transmission owner Dale Cicchetti takes pride in fixing up vehicles.

"This vehicle had been done for quite a while and the customer was trying to make his money to come and pick it up," Dale Cicchetti said.

But thieves make that hard to prove looking around his place.  In just one night, they smashed in windows, yanked out stereo systems, and ransacked glove compartments and consoles.

The crooks even tried to take some rims but failed.

"They cut the corner edge of the fence and rolled it back. Previously they got underneath it and we put sticks in the ground to hold it down," Cicchetti said.

The thieves didn't want to be noticed so they took down the light the owners had on the building that they believe would keep people out.

Over $5,000 in damages, and Cicchetti will foot the bill!  He has to pay for the what the customer brought the vehicle in for and replace what the burglars messed up.

"There's no reason for them to be coming in somebody's property, doing the damage they did and hurting other people like our customers and my business," Cicchetti said.

Cicchetti had to break the news to the customers, who now must wait longer for their rides.

"They've been very well with it. They've responded. They know it's not our fault and all we can do is try to fix it," Cicchetti said.

Aloha Pools and Spas was also burglarized. Both business owners are offering rewards for anyone who has information about the thefts.

Call the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office if you have any clues.

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