Inmates Nearing Release Getting Out Early to Ease Overcrowding

695 inmates will be released up to 90 days ahead of schedule.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Hundreds of Arkansas inmates will be released from prison early, in an attempt to ease overcrowding.

695 inmates will be released up to 90 days ahead of schedule.

Every ninety days, the Arkansas Department of Correction takes steps to ease the population problem with an Emergency Powers Act vote.

When the prisons are full, inmates that are due to serve prison time often wait in county detention facilities.

"It does create a challenge for us because those are spaces for the other agencies and Sheriff's office itself as far as keeping misdemeanors and felony arrests on a daily basis," says Lieutenant Carl Minden, Spokesperson for the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office.

Today's vote will allow the department to release inmates ahead of schedule who have already been assigned parole or a probation date.

That move then makes room for the state inmates being held by county jails to be moved into the prisons.

County jail officials say they work to keep serious offenders and state prisoners behind bars until their sentence is served, to keep the community safe in spite of the overcrowding issues.

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