Jack Roby Students Take Gun Violence Pledge

Jack Roby Students Take Gun Violence Pledge

Pastor and Police Department Send Gun Violence Message

Jesse Turner, is not a teacher, but he is trying to educate  students at Jack Roby Junior High in Pine Bluff about gun violence.

"As they focus on the homicide rate they are learning things about guns," said Rev. Jesse Turner.

Turner's organization Pen or Pencil, pen means penitentiary, pencil means education.

Turner along with the Pine Bluff Police Department team up on a program called "Writing a New History Initiative.

Students like Tatianna Montgomery and Mariah Houston, along with others, attended a rally and took a pledge not to use guns

"I think they get it for some part, but not all the way through because they haven't been taught the basics of gun violence," said Tatianna.

I sit there and think why? You don't have to do to guns or weapons, if you mad at somebody just go away from the person," added Mariah.

Lessons Jesse Turner hopes these students will take outside the class.

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