Jacksonville Update: Arkansas State Board on Detachment Efforts

Jacksonville Update: Arkansas State Board on Detachment Efforts

Jacksonville Close to Detachment From PCSSD

Attorney for the Jacksonville Education Foundation, Patrick Wilson, presented an update to the Arkansas State Board of Education Monday morning.

Wilson told members everything on its list of things to complete are just about done.

The only hurdle the district feels will be its biggest challenge, the federal court.

"It's an unknown what the federal court may do in response to the state board asking, judge we want the Jacksonville area to be able to detach and they've taken the steps necessary to do that,” said Wilson.

State Representative Mark Perry out of Jacksonville, says he see the process moving forward, unlike 10 years ago, when PCSSD didn't want the district to break away.

"When you have the other side that's been opposing you all these years, actually come and work with you, it's a win win situation for both of them,” added Perry.

Jacksonville would have the ability to have its own district and build new buildings, while PCSSD could possibly get out of fiscal distress.

"The federal court may still have a problem with that," added Wilson.

And whether or not this move would violate desegregation has to be answered by an advisory panel.

After those findings, Jacksonville hopes the federal court won't have a problem with the district detaching. 

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