Jacksonville pastor found guilty on battery charges

Eric Alexander of the St. Luke Baptist church was found guilty of battery charges against his ex-wife outside the church.
A popular Jacksonville pastor was found guilty of beating his ex-wife at Saint Luke Missionary Baptist Church.  Eric Alexander will be sentenced to 30 days in jail if he doesn't complete a 12 week anger management class. Alexander must also pay a $300 fine after a judge found him guilty of 3rd degree battery.
Alexander didn’t speak as he entered the court room. His ex-wife, Shannon Alexander testified he beat her in front of church members.

“My children were screaming and hollering,” Shannon Alexander said.  “I was so mad he did that.  In front of my kids.”

The pastor grew emotional when his daughter testified against him.

“He opened the door and just started hitting my mom,” the 10 year old said.

Officers say church members became frantic.  One officer testified that the debate on the scene was so intense he had to order one group to stay in their cars to keep the peace.

Although Alexander denied the allegations a judge sided with the prosecution.

“I do support him and I will from this day forward. I will support him until the end. I don't have a reason not to. And you don't either. So you should support him too,” a church member said.

Though the pastor wouldn't talk out of court, in court he said this:

"I did not hit Shannon. I pointed my finger at her and said if you have that many problems just leave."

Shannon Alexander admitted to calling the church administrator a name. He then told the pastor which started the confrontation between the pastor and his ex-wife.

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