Jacksonville students ask school board for repairs to high school

Jacksonville students ask school board for repairs to high school

PCSSD maintenance crews are taking a closer look at Jacksonville High School after an eye-opening presentation by students.
The PCSSD facilities manager will soon head out to Jacksonvile High School to check out maintenance problems after some high school students made a startling presentation at Tuesday night's PCSSD meeting.  In fact, some maintenance crews already showed up Wednesday morning.  The students showed pictures of damage around the high school and said they want to see it fixed.
Tuesday night, students from a government class showed pictures of ceiling and floor damage, damaged aging lockers, and auditorium seats that have fallen into disrepair.

Student Bill Bouillon who helped make the presentation says even though he and some of the others he worked with are seniors, this is important to them. 

"We have friends that are underclassmen, little brothers and sisters that are coming up in the Jacksonville schools and we want them to have the better education, better opportunities," Bouillon told us.

PCSSD School Board President Tim Clark said, "children's safety is our number one concern so whatever the price may be we'll make sure the kids are safe." 

Clark says the district knows about the problems and it's working on it.  Maintenance crews have already completed 166 work order requests this year at the high school and they have 44 to go.  But other schools need repair too.  Clark says the district faces challenges in meeting all the needs.

"Time, time and employment, making sure we have the right amount of people on the job to address it as quickly as we can," Clark said.

Clark says several schools need roof repair and Jacksonville High is next on the list.  The district plans on replacing Oak Grove and Sylvan Hills high schools and considered replacing Jacksonville entirely.  But the district has to wait until something is finalized on Jacksonville's future with the PCSSD.
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