Former State Treasurer Wants Plea Deal, Judge Says No

Martha Shoffner appeared in Federal Court this afternoon, Judge did not Accept a Guilty Plea Deal

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Former State Treasurer Martha Shoffner wanted to enter a plea related to a federal extortion charge, but the judge did not accept the plea.

Shoffner appeared before Federal Judge Leon Holmes this afternoon in what was expected to be a felony waiver hearing.

The charge filed May 20th alleged she used her public office to get payments from a securities broker. 

During today's proceedings, Shoffner challenged the U.S. Attorney's allegations, saying money was offered to her, but  that she never demanded it.

Shoffner allegedly used her office to get payments from a securities broker who'd been given a share of the treasurer's state bond investments.

She resigned her state office with 19 months to run in her term.

 Shoffner could have faced up to 20 years.

Shoffner, 68, has been free on personal recognizance since her initial appearance in federal court.

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