Altheimer Mother Arrested: Allegedly Threw Baby in Garbage

Altheimer Mother Arrested: Allegedly Threw Baby in Garbage

22-year-old Brittney Cole has been charged with one count of Felony 1st Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Minor.
ALTHEIMER, AR - A woman has been charged with endangering the life of her infant in Altheimer.

Brittney Cole, 22, was arrested last night after her mother called 911 saying Cole had thrown her 9-month-old son in the garbage.

The child was not seriously hurt.

Investigators say the incident happened shortly after the child had been returned after a visit with his father.

Deputies arrived at the home on Dixie Street and found that the child had already been removed by Cole's mother from a garbage bin behind their home. 

According to Major Lafayette Woods with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, deputies learned that Cole had become upset before she threw the child in the bin, allegedly telling the baby's father that she was tired of caring for her son and could no longer do it. 

According to Cole's mother, Cole was visibly upset before she grabbed her son and left the house. 

Cole's mother told investigators she saw Cole running from the back of the house but without her son. 

When asked by her mother where her son was, Cole allegedly pointed to the garbage bin.

Cole's mother ran over to the garbage bin, where she found the baby and called 911.

The infant was reported to still be breathing when he was removed from the garbage bin by Cole's mother. Paramedics were also dispatched in an effort to access the infant's health and determined he did not suffer any injuries as a result of the incident. 

Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigators planned to contact the on-call emergency case worker from the Department of Human Services to determine possible placement of the infant and Cole's two other children as a result of the incident.

Cole, who had initially left the home after the incident returned a short-time later and was taken into custody by deputies. 

Cole was then transported to the W.C. “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center, where she was booked in on one count of 1st Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, a Class D Felony.

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