Kali Hardig Greeted by Peers in Parade

Kali Hardig Greeted by Peers in Parade

Kali Hardig survived parasitic meningitis after contracting it from swimming at a central Arkansas water park.

BENTON, AR -- Students in Benton schools took a minute away from class to celebrate the homecoming of one of their peers.

Kali Hardig, the 12-year-old who is one of three in the country to survive from parasitic meningitis, went home Wednesday.

The Benton girl spent 55 days in Arkansas Children's Hospital.  She had to undergo several weeks of treatment and intense therapy before her release.

Her friends and peers celebrate her return by not only making posters and cheering for her as she drove past them, but also by giving her gifts to mark the miracle.

"I was expecting to see a few people not the whole school," Kali said.

Kali will go to school Friday to get acquainted.  She'll start classes Monday.

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