Kris Allen tour comes to Rev Room

Kris Allen tour comes to Rev Room

Saturday night, American Idol's Kris Allen will play at the Rev Room for the first time.
Saturday night, Arkansas' own American Idol, Kris Allen, returned to Little Rock to play at the Rev Room. It's part of his "Out Alive" tour, and his visit comes less than a month after getting into a car crash with his wife, Katy, in Maumelle.

"I'm feeling good, I'm feeling good. I'm getting better every day. I'm just trying to rehab as much as possible. You know, we've been on the road for the past month almost. So, you know, just trying to do what I can on the road," said Allen Saturday as he took a break from his sound check.

Kris broke his wrist, so he's trying to get used to only being able to use his left hand.

"Doing things with one hand is not easy. You know, putting on your pants or brushing your teeth. Opening a water bottle. It all becomes harder. But, I have a lot of friends that help me out," says Allen.

After the crash, Kris revealed on Twitter he and wife are expecting their first child.

"She's doing a lot better. She's just dealing with pregnancy," says Allen. "Well, the thing that sucks is I wish I could help her out. I wish I could like, you know, I could clean up around the house if there's stuff that needs to be done I can't do it and I feel so bad."

Allen has never played at the Rev Room, and he's excited to be back in Arkansas.

"I feel like these are some of the best shows we've ever played. I really do. They've been intimate, yet they feel big yet very interactive and a lot of fun," he says.

Being on tour doesn't give him a lot of free time though to watch the new season of American Idol, so he hasn't checked it out yet, but he's heard about the drama caused by some of the new judges.

"Maybe they're just trying to get people to watch it at the beginning, but I hope that it turns in to a show that's about the contestants. I felt that they really did a good job about that last year, and it made the show great. It made me want to watch it," he says.

Kris also hopes Charlie Askew, 17, from Little Rock- who got a golden ticket- goes far in this year's competition.

"I haven't heard of him. Someone told me about him the other day. I haven't watched his audition or anything, but from what I hear, he's really good," says Allen.

Next, Allen plays in Tulsa Tuesday.
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