LR Man's License Plate Stolen, Deputies Warn Drivers

LR Man's License Plate Stolen, Deputies Warn Drivers

Suspect has been arrested
LITTLE ROCK, AR--   A Little Rock man has his license plate stolen, now Pulaski County deputies issue a warning.

The man says the plate went missing while at the shop where his truck is getting repairs. He didn't even know his plate had been stolen until a deputy sheriff showed up at his door with his property.

"I'm glad I got my license plate back, that way I won't have to go back and get another one," said Joey Higgins.
Deputies found the license plate stolen Sunday, when they stopped 29-year-old Eric Pittman for speeding.

Investigators say when they ran Pittman's plates, they discovered he stole it from C and A Auto shop in Scott. That's the same place Higgins is having repairs done on his white Ford Ranger pickup.

"The guy who stole it has a truck like mine, so he just switched out the plates, trying to be slick ya know," said Higgins.
Pulaski County Sheriff's Lieutenant Carl Minden says there is a reason people steal license plates.

"Basically they are just going to swap out your plate and they hope the plate doesn't get run by law enforcement. That way they can drive around essentially for free," said Minden.

So he advises drivers to pay attention to your vehicle.

"There is nothing you can do to really prevent it, You're not going to super glue it to your car because you are eventually gonna have to take it off your car. But just making sure your plate is there when you get in your car," said Minden.

Higgins does admit, he used zip ties to post his plate. But not anymore.
Deputies say Pittman also had a second stolen tag with him at the time. It has since been returned. He is now charged in connection with the crime.
Also deputies say the repair shop where Pittman stole the license plate is owned by his father. At this time, they do not believe his father had anything to do with this crime.
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