LR Native Advances in American Idol contest

LR Native Advances in American Idol contest

Charlie Askew says he began performing at The Arkansas Rep.
LITTLE ROCK, AR--  Thursday night, Little Rock native Charlie Askew made it to the next round of competition on American Idol.

Before making it on American Idol, his journey started at the Arkansas Rep, performing in various productions and with a group called "The Four Reps." Nicole Capri is Director of Education.

"I've known Charlie for about 10 years," said Capri.

She says the 18-year-old certainly has the gift of music.

"He is a human pitch pipe. He can match pitch. We never needed a pitch pipe if Charlie was around. We'd say give us an A-flat and he would instantly knock it out," said Capri.

As The Rep sings Askew's praises, he returns the gesture.

"I'm very grateful for what I learned at The Rep, as far as coming out of my shell and not really caring what other people thought of me as a performer," said Askew.
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