LR Police Scrutinize Viral Fight Video

Cellphone video of a fight reportedly in Little Rock gets one million hits online.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A brutal beating caught on camera garnered more than a million hits on the website, World Star Hip Hop.

A cellphone camera rolled as a man attacked another man in broad daylight in a video reportedly filmed in Little Rock. Little Rock police were unaware of the popular clip until Wednesday.

"I don't even know if major cases is even aware of this, let me call," Officer DeWana Phillips says after first glance.

The disturbing video shows a man beating another man in the middle of the street.

Phillips rushed the information to the detectives unit where they analyzed the crime.

"There's the shoe, so far, you've got straight battery," Lt. Dana Jackson says, scrutinizing the clip on his computer screen.

Police were able to see the faces of the suspect and victim, but they couldn't easily identify the location.

"That neighborhood just doesn't jump out at me," Jackson says.

"There's houses there, if neighbors or community saw, this is when 911 should be called," says Phillips.

Officers also explained that despite the level of violence displayed in the clip, no one had stepped forward to file a complaint. Without a victim willing to press charges detectives won't investigate further.

"If he doesn't come forward, if he doesn't want anything to do with police involvement in this incident, there is nothing we can do about it," says Jackson.

While the video is uploaded with a tag saying it's from Little Rock, police say they could not prove it.
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