LR Police Seek Car, Two Suspects in Teen's May 10 Murder

Photos of 1987-1993 sky blue Buick Century released, reported to frequent area of Asher & Maple.
Forrest Abrams, 18, was killed May 10 during an abduction and robbery in Little Rock.
Forrest Abrams, 18, was killed May 10 during an abduction and robbery in Little Rock.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - A search is on for a car and two men wanted in connection with a teen's May 10 murder.

Little Rock Police today released photos of the vehicle described as a 1987-1993 sky blue Buick Century that is known to frequent the area of Asher and Maple.

Detectives are looking for suspects involved in the murder of Forrest Abrams, 18, at 2900 W. 11th.  Abrams was found shot to death in the street at 11th and Woodrow.
According to detectives, Abrams and another man were approached by three other men at a convenience store on 12th and Woodrow before the teen's vehicle was carjacked and he and a friend were kidnapped. The friend got away after the men drove him to a house where they expected him to get money from a relative. After the friend was pulled to safety into the house, the suspects left the scene with Abrams still in the car.

Police say the suspects were inside the pictured vehicle before making contact with Abrams. 

Other details about the car:
  • May or may not have hubcaps on the passenger side of the vehicle and may only have one on the front passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Does not have the traditional wire hubcap. 
  • Does not have a luggage rack as some do on the trunk. 
  • Described as having a loud exhaust pipe. 
Police say the car should be occupied by at least two black men described as being in their late teens to mid-20's. One of them is supposed to be dark-skinned and goes by the name of “Lil E.” 

The occupants of the vehicle should be considered homicide suspects and extremely dangerous.

Late last month, police arrested Darrell Dennis, 47, in the case. He is being held on a $1-million bond and is charged with Capital Murder, two counts of Aggravated Robbery and two counts of Kidnapping.
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