LR Road Rage Murder Suspect Says He Was Scared

LR Road Rage Murder Suspect Says He Was Scared

28-year-old Chris Schnarr entered a plea of not guilty Monday morning in a Little Rock courtroom. A judge ordered him held on $100,000 bond.

Chris Schnarr pleaded non guilty Monday

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- 28-year-old Chris Schnarr entered a plea of not guilty Monday morning in a Little Rock courtroom.  A judge ordered him held on $100,000 bond.
Schnarr is charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of another man Saturday that police say was the result of road rage.
According to an arrest report, Schnarr told Little Rock police 45-year-old Arista Aldridge stopped in front of him and approached his vehicle.

According to the report, Aldridge put his finger in Schnarr's face during an argument on 6th Street near the intersection of Ferry Street.

Schnarr told police that once Aldridge walked away he pulled out his gun, a semi automatic pistol and fired three shots when Aldridge turned around to walk back toward Schnarr's vehicle.

Aldridge was hit in the arm and chest.  He later died at the hospital. 

According to the report, when Schnarr was asked why he fired he said he was scared.

"My brother, he was fun to be around," Arista Aldridge's brother Eddie said Sunday.  "Everybody loved him."

Family members are devastated and struggling to explain what happened to Aldridge's four-year-old son who was in the vehicle with Aldridge and his mother, Alice Bryant, when the incident happened.

"He told me that he saw someone shoot his daddy," Eddie Aldridge said.

But Schnarr's family is agonizing as well.  They describe the UALR student as kind and helpful, someone who's never been in a fight.

"Something must have scared him so bad," said Schnarr's aunt Judy Seigrist said on Sunday, although she had not spoken with her nephew since the incident..

The arrest affidavit doesn't detail whether any threats were made during the altercation, but Aldridge does have a history of violence.

He's had five domestic violence injunctions filed against him by three different women since 1998.

In a January 2010 filing, Alice Bryant, the woman who was with Aldridge the day he was killed, said Aldridge "picked me up by my throat and slammed me down."  She also said he "slapped me on the face and punched me."

During another incident in Atlanta, Bryant said Aldridge "slammed me down on the parking lot."  Authorities in DeKalb County confirmed Monday Aldridge pleaded guilty to a charge of Family Violence Battery in that case.

A search produced no criminal history for Chris Schnarr in the state of Arkansas before he was charged with murder.

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