LR family loses power a third time

One Little Rock family has lost power for a third time since the Christmas Day storm.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - One Little Rock family has lost power three times since the Christmas Day storm.

"I came home after our power's been out for two days and now our telephone pole wire is on fire. There's the pole, there's my house. There's the pole, there's my house," said Stephan Newman as he captured the flames with his cell phone.

The Newman family first lost power Christmas night while with relatives.

"We had been proactive and actually packed bags because of the snow that was coming, so we just stayed there," says Newman.

The lights came back on Friday night only to go out again.

"We came back home to turn the heat on. Unpacking and all that, and we heard a boom outside and we thought it was a car that backfired, and then my kids went to bed and my daughter saw the flames from the window and so my son came running in the living room and said, Dad, call 911," explains Newman.

So they re-packed their bags and went back over to the in-laws. Sunday night, with power restored, the Newmans returned home a second time.

"We got our lives back together, did a bunch of laundry and then this morning, it went out again," says the father of two.

Tuesday, power went out in their neighborhood.

Now, Newman is looking forward to getting his life back to normal.

"We've felt very safe in this neighborhood, and I'm sure they'll get it fixed. Just be thankful for those that have had power. There are a whole lot of people in our county and our city that haven't had power, so for those of you that have power, awesome," says Newman.
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