LRPD Looking for 2 Men Accused of Robbing a Homeless Man

A homeless man attacked and robbed of his cash early Friday morning, and the men who did it are still on the run.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- A homeless man attacked and robbed of his cash early Friday morning, and Little Rock Police are now on the hunt for the two men who are accused of the attack. Police said the perpetrators approached the homeless man near the Salvation Army in Little Rock, peppersprayed his eyes and stole $147 dollars from him
Derek Jones with the Union Rescue Mission has been working with homeless men and women for nearly 4 years. He says these vulnerable members of the Little Rock community are victimized too often.

"This is probably a person who could have a mental disorder and someone is taking advantage of him," said Derek Jones, Director of Men's Homeless Ministries.

Little Rock police said the victim walked to police headquarters after he was attacked, saying two men stole 147 dollars from him then drove off.

"It's just really unfortunate to the person who is homeless, who has nothing else, was robbed of the $147 dollars that he had," said Jones.

Jones said homeless or not, it's a scary situation for anybody, and wants homeless men and women to know they have options to stay safe.

"If they're in any shelter, they're in a safer environment with people watching them to make sure their needs are taken care of. It's a lot safer than wandering around somewhere on the streets late at night in the dark," said Jones.

At the Union Rescue Mission, Jones said they offer beds for men looking for a place to stay at night, "We do have our mens emergency shelter available for them. It's a brand new facility. We have 60 beds available. We have not been hitting full capacity."

Men can get an available bed for free several times each month, but it will cost them after they've used up all their free stays.

"I would like to see him get his money back, but that doesn't change the fact that he's gonna have more fear. He's already probably dealing with self worth issues because he's out on the streets."

Police don't have a good description of the two men or the vehicle they took off in. If you know anything about this crime, call Little Rock Police.
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