Larry Staley case declared mistrial

Larry Staley case declared mistrial

Larry Staley was charged with manslaughter in the death of Bryant Cross. The judge has declared it a mistrial.
The jury could not reach a verdict in the manslaughter trial of Larry Staley so the judge declared a mistrial. But Staley's troubles aren't over, the prosecutor plans to retry him and he is still in jail.

"A mistrial was declared but Larry Staley isn't going home, he's going to the Sherwood jail on weapons charges."

The jury deliberated four hours before coming out and telling the judge they could not reach a verdict. Six believed Larry Staley acted recklessly when he shot and killed Bryant Cross in his yard, but the other six jurors weren't convinced. While Staley hoped for a not guilty verdict.

"I didn't see how they would find it otherwise," Staley said.

Bryant Cross's family was confident the jury would find Staley guilty; they're disappointed by the mistrial.

"The evidence was overwhelming. Don't see why the jury didn't see overwhelming evidence," Cross’ uncle said.

Cross' family is happy to see Larry Staley go to jail. During the trial, Staley testified there are guns in his home.  Police executed a search warrant and found them. Staley is a convicted felon, not allowed to have firearms, he was arrested right after the trial.

"They arrested me because Earlene bought a gun because of all the threats.  The gun is in her name, she purchased it," Staley said.

Bryant Cross’ family says they'll be back for the next trial and they hope the second time around justice will be done.

The prosecutor plans to retry Staley he hopes to have a new date set as early as Monday.
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