Lawsuit filed against Gould city council members

Lawsuit filed against Gould city council members

Citizens file a lawsuit against two Gould city council members demanding they step down and citing multiple violations of the Arkansas Constitution.

GOULD, AR - 216 signatures are listed on a petition asking two Gould city council members to step down.

"If I pinch you hard enough you're going to attack me. So apparently I'm pinching pretty hard," said Council Member Harry Hall.

Hall is one of the aldermen targeted in a lawsuit filed by the Gould Citizens Advisory Council (GCAC).  The lawsuit demands both Hall and Rosieanna Smith resign from the city council - Hall, for having a criminal record and Smith for representing a Ward where she doesn't live.

"Certain people have taken us down low as we need to go," said GCAC Vice President Norvell Dixon.

"I don't steal. I haven't killed anyone. I made a minor mistake back in the past but I've paid for it. I'm a good person," said council member Hall.

According tot he Arkansas Constitution, you can't run for office if you have a criminal record.  Also, as an elected official, you must reside in the Ward you represent.

"This is my third term. Why didn't you stop me my first term?" said Hall.

This isn't the council's first battle with a constitutional problem.  At the last city council meeting on July 12th, four council members, including Hall and Smith, voted for ordinances limiting freedom of speech to pass into law.  One of the ordinances bans the GCAC from meeting.

"It bothers the citizens of gould that this type of attitude prevails in this time," said Dixon.

"I paid the price. God forgave me, the judge forgave me, these people will not forgive me. That's the problem. Its personal," said Hall.



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