Little Rock Woman Honors Long-Lost Foster Mom

Katina Robinson shares her own birthday spotlight with woman who made a difference in her life.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - A Little Rock woman who found her foster mother after a long search has honored the woman at her own birthday party.

Katina Robinson held her 40th birthday party Saturday and shared the spotlight with Michele Scott.

Scott was Robinson's foster mom 27 years ago.

They were reunited last month after our story caught the attention of a private investigator who helped find Scott for Robinson.

The reason for Robinson's search was to have Scott at her 40th birthday party with the theme to honor the 40 people who made a difference in her life.

"My foster mom was number four of foster homes. Everywhere else I was just a number, but there she showed me love, she treated me as if I were her own child and I never experienced that in the foster system," says Robinson.

Despite a troubled childhood, Robinson went on to become a nurse and motivational speaker. She speaks to young people to encourage them to succeed, even if they struggle early in life.
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