Little Rock Woman Shot in Chest

Little Rock Woman Shot in Chest

Incident happened early Wednesday morning near 28th & Cross. The woman was dropped off at Children's Hospital by someone who left without giving any information.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Little Rock Police Department is investigating the shooting of a woman who suffered a wound to the chest.

Police say the 26-year-old was dropped off early this morning at Arkansas Children's Hospital by a person who left without giving any information.

The shooting happened in the area of 28th & Cross around 1:15. Two people who heard the shots told police they looked out the window to see a woman lying in the street and two SUV's.

They told police the woman was put inside a red SUV, that drove off shortly after a black SUV driven by a man with dreadlocks left the scene.

The woman was found at Arkansas Children's Hospital and later transferred to another hospital, police say. There's been no update on her condition.

The person who dropped her off was reported as driving a vehicle described as a red Jeep Cherokee.
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