Little Rock looking to buy 50 new surveillance cameras

Little Rock could soon get fifty new cameras to help fight crime across the city.
Little Rock could soon get fifty new cameras to help fight crime across the city.

The new cameras come with a $501,000 price tag and would be strategically placed throughout the city to fight and deter crime.

Tuesday, Little Rock Police Chief Stuart Thomas answered questions from city directors about a proposal to spend more than $500,000 on the fifty new surveillance cameras.

"We'll probably have a few initially more downtown because I've got some areas I know automatically even though they may not automatically be on a neighborhood list," said Thomas.

Little Rock already has cameras on the Big Dam Bridge, Junction Bridge and in the River Market, but if the city votes to buy the new cameras they'll be spread out all over.

"It will be marked police and I believe there will be a blue light on them, so they should be visible to anybody that's in the intersection," says Little Rock Police Sergeant Cassandra Davis. "People will know that the camera is there."

Businesses use cameras to help police catch suspects, and if the city gets the new cameras, police will strategically place them in areas prone to crime. Since the cameras are portable, police can move them. While they won't be monitored 24/7, they will always be recording.

"If you have a suspect in a particular area who is committing auto B&Es or purse snatchings or individual robberies, if they look up and see police, hopefully that will deter them from being involved in criminal activity," says Davis.

If you have a spot where you'd like to see a camera go up, just tell your city director or a police officer.

The board of directors should vote on the ordinance next week. It's expected to pass, so the installation process can start.
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