Man Demands Answers From Arkansas Lottery Commission Following Trial

A man who has a pending lawsuit against the Arkansas Lottery Commission wants answers from the organization. He claims the recent trial of Remmele Mazyck could help his case.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- Several days after a former Arkansas Lottery Commission (ALC) employee pleads guilty to lottery ticket theft, one man who has a pending lawsuit against the ALC is demanding answers.  Rick Tomboli filed a lawsuit against the ALC in April 2012, claiming scratch off games contain a flaw that workers can use to identify winning tickets. On Monday, his attorney filed a Freedom of Information Act request to get answers to questions Tomboli says the ALC didn’t provide during Remmele Mazyck’s trial.

One of the big questions Tomboli wants answered is how many of the 22,710 lottery tickets Mazyck stole were the scratch-off game he claims has a flaw. Tomboli said the “20 Dollar Millionaire” scratch-off ticket has a distinct color code that shows it’s a winning ticket. Furthermore, Mazyck’s case could possibly help his.

“There's no more integrity in the game, I've lost any kind of respect for these people. It's a mismanaged organization that's being run like a Mickey Mouse operation," said Rick Tomboli, Filed Lawsuit against ALC in 2012.

Under the Freedom of Information Act of Arkansas, the ALC has 72 hours to respond. ALC officials said they received Tomboli’s request and are not going to comment on his case, but will provide him with the information that was released to the public at last week’s news conference.
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